Social Media Marketing in 2014 – What Is Your Strategy?

Businesses, whether small or large-scale, have found an important marketing tool in social media because of its unrivaled development, no matter what products or services they offer. A recent study reveals that 93% of online marketers owe their 2013 marketing success to social media. At present, social media marketing owns the top spot in terms of online advertising. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the networks that are being used daily and this will go on in 2014 as well. For this reason, it is crucial to look deeper into the social marketing trends that have the potential to lead online marketing in the future.Google+While Facebook will continue to lead the world of Social Networking in 2014, Google+ will be a close contender. The user base of Google+ has reached 1.15 billion in September 2013, which makes Google+ users the second leading monthly users. The popularity of Google+ makes it perfect as a platform for marketing this year. In addition to this, it plays an important role in Google’s personalized search and SEO, making it one of the best marketing platforms.Boost in mobile usageUsing social networks by means of mobile phones is fast becoming popular. Therefore, businesses have to concentrate on mobile platform based social network marketing. The smartphones that are being introduced to the market have state-of-the-art features and applications. Some of these are targeted towards marketing. It has now become very easy to share content through mobile phones, so it is crucial for marketers to let their presence become known on social media.Location-based marketingThis form of marketing method makes use of GPS technology in matching mobile advertisement to a customer’s geographical location. This way, businesses will be able to cater to the individual needs of users. To deliver location-based communication, various applications are pursuing this path, with regards to social media.Video marketingVideos, especially the short ones, have become a popular social media marketing tool. They are known as the latest trend in many important social networking conferences. Instagram and Vine are social media platforms that have emerged to give a promising marketing future for companies. Major companies are now using short videos to effectively communicate important details about their brands.Using Snapchat For MarketingSnapchat is the latest mobile application that allows users to send multimedia and text messages known as snaps. This app is unique in the sense that snaps get deleted automatically seconds after they have been viewed. This is why this feature has become the favorite of millions of users. For them, this is an ideal feature when it comes to advertisements. Marketers can interact with customers and even let them share their stories wherever they are. This lets them increase their engagement and share promotions.A majority of business owners recognize the necessity of a distinct social media strategy this year. However, it is equally important for them to use their resources and devote their time to social media marketing.

Marketing With SEO – The First Step Toward Getting Noticed

Marketing with SEO is something that all successful businesses are doing. When you market with SEO, you increase traffic to your site, blog, article, etc., thus, gaining more exposure and more possible sales. The use of SEO is an elite business tactic that is used by many successful network marketers, popular business owners, and just about everyone else who desires to be seen.Fortunately, you don’t need a college course to learn SEO. The only piece of information that you need to know is that it attracts traffic like wildfire. Google is currently the most popular internet search engine on the web, and it is designed to pick up keywords. All search engines work in the same manner. The use of SEO is simply the use of keyword phrases that are related to the products and services you are marketing.In order to gain more exposure, you’ll need to broaden your marketing techniques. No matter what you do or where you choose to advertise, marketing with SEO is still the most important business tactic of all. If you’ve got a business website, make sure that it contains information in the form of articles or blog posts. Within each article or blog post, insert keyword phrases that are relative to your site.When potential customers search for the products and services you are offering, your page will be visible to them because of the effective use of SEO. Make sure that you use a variety of different advertising techniques when attempting to gain exposure including articles and blogs. Article marketing is simply the act of writing articles to advertise your main site or blog.The magic of marketing with SEO comes in when you submit your article to a directory. All article marketing websites use search engines to locate information. They work in the same exact manner as the regular search engines.In order to find out what keywords are the least competitive and which one’s are the most popular, search for yourself. You will know by the types of articles that pop up and how many people are using that particular keyword. The keyword will be highlighted when you search for it. Try to stay away from the keywords that are most commonly used an aim for using something that is relevant, but not as popular, that way, all the traffic will come to you.Creating a blog and submitting it to blog directories can help any business obtain loads of traffic. People are particularly interested in blogs because they contain lots of information. When researching a product or business, people will often read blogs to find out what they want to know. In any event, you can use your blog to drive traffic to your site, but first, you must make sure that your blog gets noticed.There are naturally millions of people who would love nothing more than to read your material, but you can expect them to find it on their own. There are literally billions of blogs out there floating around in what is known as the “blogosphere” that contain lots of interesting information, but unfortunately, many of them will go unnoticed because of lack of keywords. Marketing with SEO is the first step toward getting noticed. You can talk about your website all day long, but if it can’t be found, then you’ll get nowhere.