Great Amusements During Your Torquay Holidays

Torquay holidays offer a wide variety of tourist attractions in the English Riviera. It is a tourist paradise with the bright sun and the blue water mingling to form the picture of a perfect holiday destination. It is an ideal place for family holidays where you can be sure that your kids will have an excellent time splashing in the water and visiting the amusement and theme parks. Much to your advantage, there are a plenty of holiday cottages that you can choose to stay at with your family. Your Torquay holidays will be full of thrill as you explore and enjoy the various attractions in Torquay. Simply spend some time together with your family in the many of the amusement parks not far from the holiday cottages. These parks are great fun and will provide you with plenty of rides and eating joints. Though there are many, you can go with the most popular ones that are really worth the visit.Babbacombe Model VillageThis is the place surely not to be missed during your Torquay holidays. The village provides entertainment for the entire family; you will surely have a blast seeing hundreds of animated models in the form of humans and vehicles. The village is spread over a sprawling 4 acres of greenery which makes it all the more irresistible and a visual feast. There are other attractions as well that you will love to see, especially the Medieval Castle and miniature scenes from some of the famous movies are really worth visiting. The model village also holds special attraction like the ‘Winter Wonderland’ where you will experience the magical silver winter.Living CoastSituated right in the middle of the waterfront, the Living Coast is very easily accessible from the holiday cottages and offers fascinating view along with a whole lot of surprises. A complete family entertainment, the place is full of constant happenings that will simply sweep you off your feet. With amazing new exhibits like the stingrays and the dinosaur crabs along with the ever friendly seals and penguins you will experience a new world all together. There are other activities that you can engage yourself in like the penguin computer games and the magic floor.Hunt fun Torquay Treasure HuntThis is an absolute must-visit place, if you are looking for something very different during your Torquay holidays. Located close to the holiday cottages this is an award winning place where you get to feel the fresh air while enjoying nature’s beauty that we normally overlook. Your family would simply love to have more of it. You will need to purchase or print the hunt beforehand that will have all the clues, direction and map to guide you through the maze. You can also visit the Rainbow fun house if you have some more time during your Torquay holidays and though it is about a mile from the holiday cottages, it is worth visiting.